School of Flow

Hula hoop movement and flow program offers a curriculum based program that integrates several areas of the Alberta Program of Studies.

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About Firefairy

Lori is a skilled teacher and uses her 16 years experience in Classrooms K-12 as a guide to helping her tune into others specific individual learning styles. She has worked also as a yoga instructor at the Talisman Center with school programs as well as adult classes.

You’ll find Firefairy either in a dance studio or outside with her hula hoop.

“ My passion and my purpose flow together when I teach hula hooping.
I love spreading the joy I found in my life. It’s a transformative experience.”

Hula Hooping can open a whole new range of movement and expression.  Festival season is here, make sure you've got some moves already! Hooping can improve:  Fitness, Strength, Posture, Confidence, Mobility, Creativity, and many others!  Give it a try today.

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